There is HOPE after crisis and trauma.

Some people can recall the exact moment their lives changed forever. The horrific accident. The miscarriage. The first time they were hit by someone who was supposed to love them. The moment when their innocence was taken. Others can’t remember a time when their lives weren’t marked by trauma, abuse, or neglect.

Too many never really heal from crisis and trauma, and it ends up controlling their lives. Maybe that’s you. You know the person you want to be — your “pre-traumatized self ” — is buried deep inside, but you can’t seem to find that person anymore.

REBOOT Recovery: Crisis Edition is here to help you cope with whatever crisis and trauma you may be facing.

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"I can't deal with this anxiety."

"I just don't trust people anymore."

"I feel like I'm stuck."

If you haven’t heard these statements from anyone in your circle, chances are you soon will. Or maybe you’ve said them yourself.

The thing about trauma is that it doesn’t really matter if it is caused by an IED, an officer-related shooting, a tornado, an accident or a pandemic – it results in the very same soul wounds.

Through REBOOT, it's time to overcome trauma together.

What is REBOOT Recovery: Crisis Edition? 

REBOOT Recovery: Crisis Edition is a five-part, Christian faith-based online course that you can work through on your own or with a small group. Each session includes a 15-20 minute teaching video along with workbook pages and further questions to consider.

Our goal for REBOOT Recovery: Crisis Edition is to equip you with the tools needed for you and your loved ones to overcome the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the crisis you’re facing.


Five Video Sessions

Digital Workbook 

Small Group Discussion Questions


  • Understanding your natural response to traumatic experiences
  • How to move forward despite uncertainty
  • How to work through strong emotions like anxiety and anger without allowing them to take root
  • How to build supportive, authentic community

"I didn't find REBOOT – it found me when I didn't even realize I needed it. REBOOT helped me process years of combat trauma and more recently as a first responder who had just experienced a critical incident."

Tim Powell, Clarksville, TN

We are in this together.

REBOOT isn't a book study or a support group — it's a community. You are uniting with men and women around the world who have chosen to push back against the darkness and win the battle against trauma. Will you join us?

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